Pre-Election Campaigns

Today someone sent me a photo of Donald Trump supposedly imitating and mocking a handicapped person; which of course sent me into a rage. Not anger, rage. Rage that the freedom of the press can so malign any individual in the guise of “News”.

Besides the horrific rise in false advertising due to the internet and the ability to graphically alter any photo, any caption; it generated my thinking process to what is really of value in presenting ideas to secure voter’s favor? What are truly key issues that a country should address in bringing balance into a country so torn and disheveled due to following the dictates of the Guinness Records for “firsts”.

Is it discussing the issue of abortion? Or is it the variations of marriage? Or addressing what is marriage? Is it shamelessly looking the other way when presented with the absolute possibility of blindsiding your constituents if they follow a strategic command issued by you outside of the current situation? Or is it a popularity contest? Or just another judicial ‘quilting bee’?

Which brought me to thinking about marriage, and my parents. I am in full support of marriage, if it is something that is truly a blessing to both individuals. Individuals, yes!  A marriage is a blending together, a harmonious melding of two equally valuable and contributing strengths.  And I thought of my parents. They slept in the same double bed until the last 5 years of their marriage, my mom then 82 and my dad, 70 years of age. That, for me, indicated a lot of love, respect and admiration.  They both snored louder than any freight train.  Both talked in their sleep.  But their love and respect of each other overshadowed all annoyances, and they actually slept in the same double bed for 42 years.  That is a commitment to someone you know brings out the best in you, and you in them. But is this truly a concern of Government? Should our Government be interested in what constitutes “marriage”?  Really? Seriously?

My point?  What a horror to expect anyone to stay in a marriage because they have made a public vow when lives change; relationships can begin on devious, hidden and ulterior motives that are not realized until years later.  My parents were always very open and communicative with not only each other, but others as well; but as I have experienced in life, most people are not. Most people are not secure enough in themselves to be open, vulnerable and communicative. So why should the government enforce regulations binding persons into a relationship of hell.  Is that really a topic that should be of governmental decision?  Really?  Seriously?

And that brought me to abortion. There is no religion, there is no law, there is no entity which would ever allow me to stand in support of a woman not being able to terminate a pregnancy, if she so desires, when it is the result of incestuous relations or rape or anything outside of a mutual endorsement of awareness of creating a being from the two souls. I find it completely outside of my scope of endorsement to bring any form of honor to that which was completely the act of dishonor.  As my dad would have said, “if you plant a seed, beware, you will reap a harvest, and you owe society the provision of being able to properly care for that harvest”. Which brings me further on this subject to say, “in my opinion” I am fully in support ofGgovernment surgically sterilizing criminals and men and women who live on, or work the streets. But again, are these truly issues for the Government to focus on?  Really?  Seriously?

And back to square one. Are these issues that Government Rule should be concerned with?  Are these issues that should be vocalized on the campaign trails?  Really?  Seriously?

I know my vote will go to the best application of how taxes are taken equally from all, no matter the income earned. Of rewriting Social Security that in order to collect at 65, you must have first worked in this country for a minimum of 20 years, and contributed at least a base amount of your income to Social Security fund (which such a law would do away with immigrating relatives in order that they can collect Social Security of which they have never made a contribution towards). Of finding improvements for national health care (and allowing families to include their aged family members if they so wish to pay for it on their program), national security and defense, foolproof immigration vetting, care programs for veterans, seniors and the mentally and physically challenged.  Bringing manufacturing and productions back into our country, increasing the opportunities of small community self-employments.

All of the above is only the frosting on the cake of a very, very monumental decision of whom we now have to make a choice thereof; and I have mentioned just a few of the key items important in determining my personal voter’s checklist.

But discussion of marriage rights, abortion rights?  Really?  Seriously?  Or are we really shadowing the determination of the next Guinness Record?


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