True Rest, Peace Amidst Turmoil

Today reading Matthew 11:29 I was so excessively impressed with the revelation of the verse as provided by Henry Drummond that I had to put it into print here.

The rest Jesus Christ affords each believer is a rest from our mind itself; a rest from the thoughts of our own soul.

Picture a powerful waterfall thundering down into a fast flowing river below. You can see a scant and thin Aspen or Birch tree, some branches so bent from the winds of time they toy with the water below. Nestled securely and peacefully in a crook of a branch that is just out of reach of the vast spray projected from the force of the water at the base of the falls, is a Robin sitting on her nest; peacefully and contentedly performing her task of warming her eggs for hatching.

True rest always encompasses two elements: tranquility vs energy, silence vs turbulence, creation vs destruction, and fearlessness vs fearfulness.

This is the picture of perfect rest in Jesus Christ.  Do I reflect this in times of stress?


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