Miss Peeps

I like to take my daily life experiences and find Biblical correlation or revelation of kind.

This Spring I was filling the Bird feeders for the little tiny birds, Chickadees, Juncos, Finches, Canaries, and on the last fill, made a mental note when out shopping to stop and get a new bag; which I did do.

This time however I chose to get the ‘Exceptional Quality Version’.  The bag that states the birds will be so overjoyed at the provision of such, they will sing their little hearts out day in and day out.

And, the claims are true.  The tiny little creatures spread the word rapidly that “Aunt Mary bought the really really great stuff this time!”

My desk and my laptop are situated so that I can look out onto my glass railed balcony and view the expanse of nature’s territory within my scope of life; makes for the most delightful interruptions.

This one particular morning I was hearing a continual succession of “peep – peep – peep – peep”.  Not too quick on the reflex, after about 30 minutes of this I decided that maybe this was not the repeated chatter of a young fledgling, but perhaps a wee bit of a distress call.

Looking up, I could see on the edge of the balcony was a young fledgling Junco female appearing to be doing “squats” while chirping “peep – peep – peep – peep”.

While watching her it became evident that she was performing “squats” on the edge of the balcony to build up momentum to fly the 10” to the feeder, hosting dual 8” perches.  Just as she would take off from the balcony, another bird would swoop in from the tree or space and land on the perch of the feeder ahead of her.  Caught in the adolescent world lacking flight experience, she would panic and fly back to her family nest; only to start her process all over again.

She would fly from the nest, about 25’ to a large Magnolia tree, located about 3’ from the balcony; then from the Magnolia to the balcony.  Here she would rest for a bit, while chirping her “peep – peep – peep – peep”.  Once rested from her juvenile extended flight, she would begin “squats” and chirping her signature, “peep – peep – peep – peep.”  But each time as she left the balcony for the feeder, another bird would swoop in from somewhere and land on the feeder before her. Lacking balance and control, she could not land on the available perch, but would panic and then fly directly to her family nest.  I watched as this process repeated itself for well over an hour.  As she tired, I could see that her right leg was either deformed, or injured, as it became increasingly difficult for her to maneuver the leg and it would dangle loosely and uncontrollably beneath her.

Watching her, my mind filled with scriptures about “even the sparrow….” “God provides food ….” “A man is revealed in how he treats his animals…” and so many other scriptures on kindness, compassion, mercy, love”.  And during this scriptural process, the thought came into my mind, why not sprinkle food across the balcony so that “Miss Peeps” (she now had a name expressing a reflection on her personality as in Biblical times) would not have to fly to the feeders, but rather could simply eat off of the deck itself.

I had a baking tray with a half inch lip, and about 10” wide by 14” long. I put double sided tape on the back to adhere to the deck (did not know if her siblings would join her and perhaps with several onboard the tray, would cause a shifting of the tray around the balcony) and poured a light layer of the “really good stuff” onto the tray. I then placed the tray on the deck near the edge of the balcony.

The next flight of Ms. Peeps, she instantly saw the tray.  Though hesitant to approach, her chorus of “peeps” must have signaled her Dad; because soon enough her Dad arrived on the scene. Dad checked out the tray while Ms. Peeps humbly huddled near the edge of the deck where she usually began her routine of “squats”.  Dad must have given the A-O-K because as he hoped to the edge of the deck, Ms. Peeps struggled to hop to the tray.  Hesitant at first, but never slowing or stopping the “peep – peep – peep – peep”, Ms. Peeps ate.  At first, humbly, hesitant, showing all signs of humility and not wanting to press the boundaries of approaching the provision with boldness and assertion.

The first and second day following, Ms. Peeps, escorted by her Dad, came first thing in the morning, and then last thing in the evening.  The third day was the unleashing of Ms. Peeps.  She came on the hour, and ate with boldness and courage. By the fourth day, she seemed to claim this fortune as being designated for “Ms. Peeps”!  Should any other species of bird attempt to land and eat off of the balcony, Ms. Peeps would chatter and with boldness run them off of the balcony.  This was HER private feeder, ‘Thank you very much Aunt Mary’!

Dad always stood in attendance on the final feeding of the evening, and would escort Ms. Peeps back to the nest when she had finished feeding for the evening.

Ms. Peeps never stopped the “peep – peep – peep – peep” whenever she would come to the balcony. To date, this is still her personal signature.

Juncos grow up so quickly.  Within weeks, she had grown from a ruffled feathered little soul who appeared thin and lacking in luster and health to a gorgeously groomed specimen representing the female Junco.

After about a month or so, when Ms. Peeps arrived shortly before dusk (she now only comes for food last thing of the day-and usually only eats off of the feeders) when she finished feeding, she looked back at the house window, and standing upright and very tall, stretched her right leg out behind her, flexing toes out in a full extension from her leg as if to show me that her leg was now fully healed and 100% sound.

Ms. Peeps still has a non-stop “peeps” when she arrives at the feeder.  She often will bring her younger siblings to feed off of the tray, while she feeds from the hanging feeder.  I was going to sweep up the seeds and remove the tray; and announced such to the birds, as there was no need of the deck feeder with Ms. Peeps fully healed and sound.  The same afternoon, Ms. Peeps arrived with a younger ruffled brother and 2 younger sisters, equally rough feathered and so very tiny in comparison. Ms. Peeps stood in supervision “continuously peeping” while the younger siblings ate from the tray; thus stating that “Aunt Mary my little brothers and little sisters still need the deck to feed until they become big and strong like I have become”.  The “deck feeder” will now remain until late into the fall.

Ms. Peeps has completely stolen my heart; and now when she comes to the deck with her incessant “peeping”, God fills my heart with HIS overwhelming love and passion for HIS creation.  HIS eye is on the sparrow, therefore I know HE watches over me and all who seek HIM and are called by HIS name.


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