My Puppy, Perdita and the farm Broodmares

After I had returned to the PNW region, and after many more “situations” of my walk with God, and His evidences in my life, I came to be an emergency replacement at a TB Breeding farm.  The job assignment in itself was a “miraculous intervention” which I will provide details at a later date.

Here I was on a TB Breeding farm in foaling season.  I had brought home a Dalmatian puppy who was all of 21 days when she left her siblings.

I will have another post on how Perdita got her name and the details as to why she came away from her K9 family so young, and will start this post as to her first few days.

The entire property was chain link fenced, 6 ‘ high.  The first moment I put Perdita in the yard, and left her, and returned to the house, I discovered that she was so tiny that she could crawl right through the fence diamonds.

We worked on putting chicken wire on the inside of the chain link, but she only climbed the chicken wire to go over the top of the fence; and putting welded wire inside the chain link had the same effect.

Any other location would not have caused so much concern, but these were TB broodmares who were due to foal or had just recently foaled and I did not trust them to not think Perdita a threat, and simply take her out, whether I was standing there or not. And then there was the next concern of the farm Rooster.  Roosters are notorious for being overly aggressive, and Perdita was the size of a small rat.

While I was exchanging the mares in the paddocks one morning, someone had let Perdita out of the house to go potty, and she immediately beelined it for the barn.  I was at the opposite end of the barn to the entrance, and while down there, I could hear each mare, one by one, down the line of stalls, snort repeatedly.

I looked out from the stall I was in, and shortly this little white body with black spots came out of one stall, and right into the next.

You see, when broodmares are due to foal, their stall fronts are web guards, or web straps, to give you a full view and quick access should you need to get into the stall quickly.

I quickly ran up the aisle to the stall Perdita had just entered, just as she was exiting, and Perdita burst in a joyous bounce with exuberant vocals to accompany her little happy dance. She had found “her” momma!

I could see the unspoken communication between the mares, along the lines of, “this is Mary’s little baby; we have to be careful, she is so tiny, we have to watch to not step on her, and to not let our foals step on or kick her.”

I was in amazement that these wonderful mares, were so kind, and so considerate of my new little puppy.

And though I desperately tried to keep Perdita at the house and away from the barn, after a couple of days, I realized this was a complete effort in futility. It was just not going to happen.  She was intent upon being at the barn, as long as I was at the barn. Period.a

I had to trust God to keep her safe and sound around horses, and He did all the days of her life.


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