My Puppy’s First Friend, Jimmy Janga

When we arrived at Eloise’s home, everyone came running to see the new puppy.

Eloise had 3 children, aged 6, 4 and 2 years.  Eloise also had a husband, a Macaw, a German Shepherd dog, a Himalayan Cat, and a Siamese kitten. AND everyone, came running to see the new puppy, except the Macaw, who simply shouted at us from her upstairs perch.

If Perdita was tired, she had received a recharge in energy from the children, dog and cats.  They all ran together into the house and chaos commenced.

Eloise and I made a large lunch for all while we waited for the Preakness Race to begin, and while the children and animals all ran out a bit of the excess in energy.

From moment one, the 6 week old Siamese kitten and Perdita were inseparable.  His name was Jimmy Janga.  He was adorable, but lacked bravery and boldness.  Truthfully, I think the energy level of the children, Dad’s German Shepherd, and the Macaw all had him so terribly intimidated, that he spent 99% of his days hiding and sneaking from piece of furniture to piece of furniture.

But when Perdita arrived, instantly Jimmy Janga became the Lion King.  He strutted the halls, and generally took on the ambiance of a true lion.  But, they were inseparable.  He lived for her visits.  He truly was her best friend in the entire world.

For hours they all played until the internal batteries of children, and pets were impossible to recharge unless going to bed for a full night.

And that was my cue that Perdita and I now needed to drive home, alone, and so we did.



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