I Get A Puppy!

I had been thinking of getting a puppy for a while, but had not made the leap.

The farm where I boarded my horse had told me that a Registered Nurse was expecting a litter of Dalmatian puppies, and gave me their phone number. So I called.

I went to see the litter the first few days after their birth. I had no idea Dalmatians were born completely white, and received their spots the first 8 to 10 weeks of their lives.

They were cute, but so resembled little piglets that I really was not smitten.

I went back at 10 days, and was particularly drawn to the overly spotted ones. The breeder told me that as a “show quality dog” the fewer the spots the better, so I had thought I would prefer one of the more heavily spotted ones in the litter.

At 14 days I received a call from the Breeder basically saying that she had picked out “my puppy” and I would be expected to take that puppy the following Saturday, when she would be 21 days old.

Isn’t that very young to take a puppy from her mother and her litter mates, I questioned.

The Breeder clarified that this particular pup was terrorizing her litter mates, and the Breeder wanted her out of the litter box as soon as was possible. The Breeder stated that she was lapping “milkified” kibble, and her eyes were starting to open, so she would be fine going to a new home.  So it was confirmed the following Saturday, I would bring my new Dalmatian puppy home.

God had His hand in motion here. The TB Breeding farm was thrilled to have a new puppy join the farm ranks, my best friend was glad to chauffeur me and my new pup around the following Saturday, the Breeder wanted to co-own the pup so the initial cash outlay was greatly reduced, I had the day off of work at the farm because the farm had a filly running in her first maiden race and they wanted me to attend the race (therefore I had the rest of the day free to go and pick up a puppy).  All of the universe’s stars had been ordered aright for this acquisition.



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