How I Came To Move To California, Part 3

Once back home in Washington, I had to arrange for movers, discontinuation of services, and give exceptionally short notice to my employer.

I went into work on Tuesday, and after letting them know that I had gone to California for my long weekend, told them that I was starting work the following Monday at the new facility opening in California.

After shock, and congratulations, I chose to work the Tuesday and Wednesday, and make necessary arrangements around my work schedule.

Thursday the movers came in to pack up all the household belongings, as well as the portable chain link dog runs and the wood decking that I had as flooring for all of the runs.

Friday morning they would load the truck, and I would meet them at the new location in California on Monday morning, and then go to work.

My mom had decided to drive down to California with me and my 4 dogs.

She classified our trip as the “Grapes of Wrath” and we had so many fun experiences which I will share at another time.

We spent Friday evening at a motel in Salem, Oregon.

We arrived at our destination late Saturday evening.

We went to “the Denny’s” which we had agreed with the movers was where we were to meet on Monday morning at 6 am.

I introduced my mom to all the gals on staff, and they were so welcoming.

Sunday, my mom and I went out to the house on 6 acres.  And I was so happy, she loved the place.  She wanted us to sleep on sleeping bags at the house Sunday night, but I thought better of it, as we had to be at the restaurant next to the motel in the early am following, so we returned to the motel.

Monday morning.

I had my directions from the gals at the Denny’s of how to get to work. My mom and I went to the restaurant for breakfast, and the movers arrived just as I was getting ready to leave for work.  They assured me my mom was fine riding over to the house with them, and the gals at the restaurant supplied the movers with a map of directions to find the house; and we all parted ways.

I arrived home from work at the new house about 7 pm.  And there on the lawn are the movers, and my mom.

I had forgotten to give her keys to the house.

She did not have the telephone number of the new office, nor the address of the new location.

Everyone had sat waiting for me from when we had met in the morning.

God was so far ahead of all of us.

It appeared that the movers had given away or sold over half of my belongings on route to California, and assumed that my mother would not know if things were missing. Whereas, I immediately knew which boxes (as I had numbered, labeled and documented every box and every item) and items were missing.

I refused to sign for the “incomplete” delivery.

Long and short of the whole ordeal was the International Moving Company paid for the move, and gave me a replacement check to cover the cost of all of the missing items.

Had I given my mom the keys to the new house, I would never have been recompensed for the missing items or the move, as she would have assumed all items delivered and signed for the delivery!

God is so amazing!  So in advance of us!


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