How I Came To Move To California, Part 2

After I located the motel that I had booked for the weekend, I went to the Denny’s Restaurant that was located next door.

The staff were unbelievably friendly, and so I shared with them my reason for being there.  The genuine courtesay was further extended and several of the waitress’ said they would check the housing rentals in the paper for me daily and circle the ones that they felt would be suitable.

I arrived the next morning, Friday, and they had been busy circling ads.  I telephoned, and made my list for the day of duplex’s, town homes, and single family homes to view.

Friday night, nothing had been revealed of my new prospective residence.

Saturday, I arrived at the restaurant, and again the gals had been awesome in circling ads, and even offering telephone numbers of complexes that they had seen to and from the restaurant to their prospective homes.

I called, made appointments, and then went to view.

Saturday night, same results. Nothing.

Sunday I again repeated the process.

Again, nothing.

Monday morning. My flight was scheduled for 1 pm, which the gals at the restaurant told me that I would have to leave the restaurant by  11:30 to return the car, and make the check-in for the flight.

I began calling.  One property, a duplex on 6 acres sounded exceptionally good. I called. The gal told me that she ran a day care and would not be able to show the unit until after dinner that evening, when her husband would be home to watch their own 2 children.

I explained my situation to her, told her where I was (the Denny’s), and that should things change, I could meet her at any time prior to 11:30 am.

About 15 minutes later the telephone at the restaurant rang, and it was the gal with the rental duplex on 6 acres who had the childcare.  Her exact words were, “I have all 15 of these children loaded and seat-belted into my van; and I am going to meet you at the house in exactly 20 minutes, you had better be there!”

“Oh I will be, I will be!”

I pulled into the driveway, and there she was. I was so trilled. The property was perfect.

I walked through the house with her, a cute 2 bedroom. I told her about my 4 dogs, dog runs, outside bathtub hooked up to the outisde hose attachment.

She was fine with all of the details.

I gave her the cash for first, last and deposit. Signed the one year lease. Shook hands, and she gave me the keys. She had also written out the contact information for the telephone, and the utility contact information.

I returned to the Denny’s to let the staff know the completion of the details. Job – check, House – check.

Does God wait until the last minute?

A great new beginning.


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