Who Supplies The Food?

During my time of tight financial budget restrictions “Walking With HIM” I encountered several weeks where my implemented budget plan did not include food or groceries, for me or for my 12 dogs.  At the time, I bred, showed and sold Afghan Hounds. I had the dogs available for sale, or stud fees on the males, but no interest was coming in the door or through the telephone.

God was amazing. Every single day, for over a 6 month period, a different friend would show up at the door just as I was getting home from work and would have stopped to share some “great celebratory news” and would want to take me to dinner to celebrate with them.

During this time, I came to know that unconditionally as long as I was faithful to tithe and to provide offerings where I was aware of God’s leading, I knew He would supply my daily needs, including my food; and He did. Daily.

But, I did not know if I could trust Him to supply my dogs needs.  And since I had them, and had them available for sale, lease or service, I rolled my dependency on their needs onto Him as well.  And He was faithful.

For that entire time that my budget was so restricted that I could not afford my own food, let alone a 50 pound bag of dog food weekly, I discovered that I could depend on God to provide their food and supplements as well.

Each week, a different person would show up at my door with their particular brand of dog food.  Sometimes it was “the feed store was offering this type of food free, and don’t you feed this particular kind to your dogs?”  And the answer was always “yes, that is the exact food I feed them.”  And it truly was the same kind of food.  Other times it was the person had won it in a lottery drawing that they had submitted their name to, and the type of food chosen for the draw, was the same type that I fed to my dogs, so the winner did not want the food, but would rather give it to someone who actually fed that brand of dog food.

God can totally be depended upon.


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