Friday, Pay Day, Get Gas!

Friday arrives. I received confirmation of my paycheck auto deposit into my account.

As I drive home, I had a gas station that I frequented that was next to one of the Sacramento malls.  I decided to go there.

As I was approaching the gas station, I mentally said to God, “hmmm since you blessed me with a full tank on Monday, can you repeat the process today, so that I can take that $40.00 and pick up 2 new dresses for work?”

So assuming that this was going to be ok with God, I went into the mall.  I found 2 dresses that with my coloring, looked fantastic. Each was $20.  I was good to go.

I drove past the gas station, and made it about 6 blocks before the van sputtered to a halt.

I had no gas can, so I called my neighbor who was self employed, and would most likely be at home.

I said, “hi, is it possible for you to come and pick me up and bring a gas can?”

Her comment, “I can not wait to hear what God has allowed into your life today.”

I had no idea that all my friends and neighbors were enjoying my literally daily realities and revelations of God’s reality to me.

She arrived, and immediately said, before anything else, “Why not leave your car here, and let’s go to the mall first.  Afterwards we can stop at the gas station next to the mall, and fill my gas can.  Then you can go back, fill the van, and then fill my gas can, just in case I have to come and get you again!”  Laughing.

She then continues with, “I just received an invitation to dinner and an invitation to attend a social at the Capital and I need to run in and get 2 different dresses for the events.”

My neighbor and I were the same height, size, and coloring.

I started to laugh. I said to her, “perhaps you would want to see these 2 dresses I just picked up first?”

She opened the bag, and looked at both dresses.

She then looks at me and says, “God is amazing; these will look fantastic for both of the events that I have to attend!”

“Let’s go get your gas!” she says as she gets back into her car.

God is AMAZING!  Both of us had our needs met, and our friendship blessed by each other. God is soooooooo amazing!


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