I Need Gas

I was working in Davis, CA and living in Roseville, CA.  I commuted to work, Monday to Friday.

During the first few years after my salvation, God was using every possible situation to prove to me:

  1. He Was Real,
  2. He was Omnipresent,
  3. He was Omnipotent,
  4. He loved and cared about me, and everything concerning my life.

Monday morning, I had been going through one of many financial situations challenges, for God to prove the above.

I was ready to leave for work, but I had no gas. I had a GMC Safari Van, and it was empty. At that time, it was about $35.00 to fill it. I had no cash, no funds on my Visa, no funds in my bank account, and payday was not until Friday. If I had a full tank, I could make it to/from work all week, and then fill it on the way home from work Friday.

What could I do. Pray, check. Drive to the closest gas station, check. Fill my tank, check. Go to the cashier and ask for forgiveness, in process.

I walked into the gas station prepared to tell the clerk that I was sorry, “I did not know that I had no cash. Can I pay on Friday?”

I walked to the cashier counter, gave her my pump number, she looked at her console, and said, “well I have no idea how much you want to put in if you don’t tell me. How much?”

I said, “I already pumped, I put in $38.00.”

She looks at the console, and looks back at me, “Nope, Nothing on that pump. It must have disappeared into Cyber Space, that pump reads no gas, no dollars.  You are good to go.”

I asked her to check again.

“No hon, nothing there.  Goodbye, have a great day.”

“No thank you! Thank you for allowing God to bless me through you!” I replied, and returned to my Van.

Blessed by God. Drove to work and home all week, no incidents.


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