Truly, In The Beginning

I was blessed to have grown up with parents and grandparents who loved Jesus and His Word with all of their hearts and souls. And it is from this beginning that I will start my “in The Beginning blog” for you, the reader’s help in navigating walking with Jesus.

I was taught that every challenge and situation in life could find a living example in The Word of God, and that if each person was willing, and hungry, by reading, studying, researching, The Word of God, each of us will receive from God our much needed answer to every and all situations; but only after receiving God’s generous gift of Salvation in Jesus the Christ.

God, and my family are the only ones while growing up in life that I found and received at all times, the much needed and much neglected “unconditional love” and acceptance. And as an adult, have found this in the true friends that God sends my way. This is an absolute necessity to understand in order to be able to love, to grow, and to understand any truth in life.

If anyone has not grown up with unconditional love and acceptance; then you need to bury yourself in the Word of God, memorize all passages that reflect this love and acceptance, and pray and ask God to separate you from all influences in your life that are currently contrary to that premise. And you need to realize that once serving and living for God, that you are now engaged in a Spiritual Battle, that the enemy of Jesus Christ will use every scheme possible to pull you out of the Worship of God and Jesus the Christ. And therefore, you too must be as diligent to fight to keep that relationship active and alive, by going to God/Jesus with every single question that may ever enter your mind, reading The Word, Praising & Worship in music and singing, and asking Him to lead you to a church where you will belong and be accepted for who you are at that very moment in time.

Every one of us must find a way to process the Word of God in//for our own lives, and I give this only as my own personal example.

When thoughts enter my mind that are not of God I treat them as though they were the actual words spoken out loud and in reality (even though it is only by thought) by those that I know are my actual reality enemies. Such as, a thought enters my mind of, “you are totally useless and incompetent”. I treat that thought as though it was coming from the mouth of someone that I know intensely dislikes me; and then it is easy to address the thought out loud with, “but who are you to judge and address me, when you are not even a beloved Child of God?” Why I choose to say that, is because a truly beloved Child of God would never utter such a comment about someone in the Body of Christ, if they are properly connected to God and Jesus. Rremember, Jesus’ words to us, Matthew 7:23 and Matthew 25:41, “Many will try to enter the kingdom of heaven saying, “Lord Lord did we not in your name?” and Jesus went on to say, “Truly, depart from me, for I never knew you!” Granted we must at all times forgive people who think and act such as that, but God’s forgiveness expected of us, does not mean we remain in that negative sphere of influence. Forgive, move on and do not look back, for when Jesus has convicted them of their words and behavior, they will come asking for our forgiveness.

Now I will begin to reveal the walk that I have had with Him.


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